I loved working with the band. They allowed me to do my job as Lighting Director..Easy to produce and very professional.  Hope to work with them again.


Event Date: June 10th, 2017

​Venue: Starbright Theatre, Las Vegas, Nevada

Heartfelt Letter! 

Hi Peter,  I am Rev. Kathleen and I spoke briefly with you following your performance at the Starbright Theater.  I remain encouraged about you bringing the fine songs sung by the original folk group, PP&M by bringing your talent to others you are offering hope, memories, and release of tears to your audience.  


With today's climate of philosophical, theological, ethical and political differences, I strongly believe in the power of music to address the confusion felt by many of our population of all ages.  I encourage you to continue and gather others in very public venues to gather us together in songs of purpose and meaning.  


If you sing, we will come.  We need you and many others.  Yes, I will always join you in song because the true power of folk music is the impact it has on healing hurting hearts.  


Thank you again, and for allowing me to make contact with you.

In a song of peace,


Reviewed by

Rev. Kathleen Jess

Event Date: June 10th, 2017

​Venue: Starbright Theatre, Las Vegas, NV


Superb Performance!!!

1. These guys (excuse the expression) are great! Just got home from their concert here in Brenham, Texas. Wow! Wow! and, Wow! The trio is so good and so respectful of Peter, Paul and Mary. They have some great stories about the original group, and their music is simply wonderful. Cannot give this trio a good enough review. You simply must see them in person, and if you're a P, P & M lover, you'll come away very pleased. Thank you, guys...

Reviewed by Ken


2. Friends, Y'all were wonderful! Your sound, your personalities and YOUR MUSIC honored the memory of Peter, Paul, and Mary! It was so fun to sing along to the songs I learned as I learn to play a baritone UKE and folk guitar during my adolescent years. What a great idea Lucy & Hal had to bring you to Brenham. Thank you for sharing more than just the songs. In some cases, it was my first time to actually pay attention to the words and message. Thank you for a fantastic performance! and May God bless your careers and bring more opportunities for you to share such an important time in America's life and for many of us now senior citizens who grew up loving the songs of PP&M!

Review by K. Scruggs

3. My party at Brenham's Historic Simon Theatre at the Barnhill Center was a huge success because of the wonderful performance by Peter, Paul, and Mary Alive of Las Vegas. So authentic. The audience was singing and crying and laughing all at the same time. A night to remember!!

Review by L. Moorman

Event Date: May 13th, 2017

​Venue: Barnhill Center in the Simon Theater, Brenham, TX


Very Entertaining!!!


1. Great music, great vibe, and very professional! Had a wonderful evening!

Review by M. Russo


2. I loved your show in Las Vegas... You all have such a wonderful synergy and harmony! Totally took me back to the day!

Review by D. Barnard


3. This was a birthday present to myself...:) I had no idea it would be such a wonderful evening of laughter, reminiscing and sheading of a few tears. The music was beautiful, the evening fun and will definitely be memorable. If you get a chance to go..GO!

Review by B. Montgomery


4.  Actually I heard Peter, Paul and Mary live in 1968. They did a free concert in Del Rio, Texas for LA RAZA.  I had just been arrested. Someone contacted them and two days later they came and played in front of four thousand Mexican Americans for Hispanic civil rights.  You guys sounded just as good with a definitely better around system than we had!

Review by  R. Kashanski


Event Date: May 16th, 2015

Venue: Center for Spiritual LIving Church, Las Vegas, NV


More than just a "Tribute Band"!!!


These guys are all very talented musicians in their own right, but when you see them together as PP&M, you will be taken back to the 60's and entertained with every harmony and guitar lick they throw at you!
I have seen them twice since the Fall of 2011 and each time they get better and better in their performance and presentation. Whether or not you want to pretend they are the real thing, it doesn't really matter - the singing and instrumental sounds are very enjoyable and entertaining. Then when you look up and see how they interact with each other, they have it all down pat!!

Well done guys - I look forward to seeing you again soon! Maybe we can do a joint concert with my Doo Wop group (The Chaperones)!!

Review by: Emma a. D. D.

Event Date: March 11th, 2012
Event: Club/Nightclub in Las Vegas, NV



PP&M Alive at the Riviera Hotel

If you are a "boomer' and missed the 1960's, here's your chance to experience the legendary folk trio,"Peter, Paul & Mary" singing their many hits. I recently had the pleasure of attending a performance by a terrific tribute band, "PP & M Alive" at the Riviera Hotel's Cavern lounge. These dedicated musicians were spot-on in their songs. Close your eyes and you get transported back to the "Purple Onion" of the 60's. Catch this group the next time they perform in the Las Vegas area!


Review by: Tony R.

Event Date: March 11th, 2012
Event: Casino in Las Vegas, NV


Excellent, will keep your attention through their show.​

Peter is very professional, Paul is the funny jokster and just is his self. Mary has one of the most natural voices I have heard with great tone. All together they pack a powerful punch and give you actual feel of what Peter Paul and Mary were all about. Harmonies are right on and the sound is genuine with all the right acoustic tools and perfect flawless harmonies that must have taken hours to get perfect.

I would say the are worth the money to hire, but more than that, they will take you back in time to the 60s and 70s.

Bill McIllwain - High Country Recording and Mastering Inc. Las Vegas

​Review by: Bill M.

Event Date: March 11th, 2012
Event: Bar/Lounge in Las Vegas, NV



They are the real deal!!​

The first time I saw this awesome group was at the Nevada Wild Fest in October of 2011. The first thing out of my mouth (after their performance as I couldn't help but sing along with them) was "when is the next gig that I can catch you at'? I saw them again on Dec. 21, 2011 at a pub on the Strip. Not only do they have the most incredible sound, but it is like experiencing Peter, Paul and Mary all over again. I could never get tired of "enjoying" this group!


Review by: Billie S.

Event Date: December 21st, 2011
Event: Bar/Lounge in Las Vegas, NV

Incredible voices, great entertainers!


Peter, Paul, and Patti were the highlight of the entertainment presented at the annual Spring Jamboree in Boulder City. From the first note sung I was taken back to the great days of Peter, Paul, and Mary in concert. A terrific group. Be sure and catch them if they are performing near you.

Review by: Steve C.

Event Date: May 1st, 2011
Event: Festival in Boulder City, NV

Talk about taking you back in time...they DO ! First time I heard their performance was at Lev HaShem in North Las Vegas...wonderful performance, young and old alike were clapping, shouting and the young kids dancing. They sang and played all the great songs of Peter, Paul and Mary's folk music, it was perfect and non-stop entertainment. We enjoyed the video of the original band as they played along with the music. Looking forward to attending many more events ! Great work.


​Review by: Jan S.

Event Date: February 5th, 2011
Event: Concert Venue in Las Vegas, NV


I saw Peter, Paul and Patti for the first time last weekend, but it definitely will NOT be the last time!! What a fantastic performance. The whole place was clapping, singing and having a truly wonderful time reminiscing about the great music of this amazing trio. Their arrangements were phenomenal and if you closed your eyes, you were back in the 60's - but open them - you don't want to miss any of it!!! I highly recommend this group for your event or just to kick back and listen to at their next gig. AWESOME!!!!


Review by: Karen G.

Event Date: November 21st, 2010
Event: Bar/Lounge in Las Vegas, NV

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing this letter to recommend my friend Peter Gordon and his Peter Paul and Mary tribute band called Peter Paul and Mary Alive.  In April we invited Peter Paul and Mary Alive, to provide the entertainment for our monthly Prime Time senior Adult luncheon. Not only was the musical quality of the group superb, but their entire act was very entertaining as well. In addition to the overall entertainment value, the group presents an encouragement to those who hear them sing. Peter Gordon, the groups' organizer and leader has a heart to serve God and has found a unique outlet to do so through this group. I would encourage you to give Peter a call and talk to him personally. I believe you will be able to see and hear his commitment to serve God and you will be able to hear his passion and desire to be able to share this band to express his and the other talented singers and musicians musical ability and talent. If you have any further questions or would like to talk to me further about Perter or the group, please do not hesitate to contact me at the church at 702-434-1906 or by e-mail at
Barry K. Anderson, Administrative Pastor
Green Valley Southern Baptist Church
Henderson, Nevada


Review by: Pastor B. K. A.


Event Date: April 22nd, 2010
Event: Launch Party in Henderson, NV



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