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500 Miles



2 Minute Video

  "Blowing In The Wind"
YouTube 4.5 Million Hits 

6 Minute Video

 500 Miles "YouTube 4 Million Hits

More than just a "Tribute Band"!!!

These guys are all very talented musicians in their own right, but when you see them together as PP&M, you will be taken back to the 60's and entertained with every harmony and guitar lick they throw at you!
I have seen them twice since the Fall of 2011 and each time they get better and better in their performance and presentation. Whether or not you want to pretend they are the real thing, it doesn't really matter - the singing and instrumental sounds are very enjoyable and entertaining. Then when you look up and see how they interact with each other, they have it all down pat!!

Well done guys - I look forward to seeing you again soon! Maybe we can do a joint concert with my Doo Wop group (The Chaperones)!!

Review by: Emma a. D. D.
Event: Club/Nightclub in Las Vegas, NV

PP&M Alive at the Riviera Hotel

If you are a "boomer' and missed the 1960's, here's your chance to experience the legendary folk trio,"Peter, Paul & Mary" singing their many hits. I recently had the pleasure of attending a performance by a terrific tribute band, "PP & M Alive" at the Riviera Hotel's Cavern lounge. These dedicated musicians were spot-on in their songs. Close your eyes and you get transported back to the "Purple Onion" of the 60's. Catch this group the next time they perform in the Las Vegas area!

Review by: Tony R. 
Event: Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Excellent, will keep your attention through their show.



Fantastic, Talented and Funny!

​Wonderful show!!  I saw Peter, Paul and Mary in the 60's and these guys captured the true essence of their powerful lyrics and beautiful harmonies.  It was musical perfection, highly entertaining and very funny!  We look forward to their next concert!!


​Review by:  Joanne L.
Event:  Sun City Anthem

PP&M Alive at Freedom Hall

This was a birthday present to myself...:) I had no idea it would be such a wonderful evening of laughter, reminiscing and sheading of a few tears. The music was beautiful, the evening fun and will definitely be memorable. If you get a chance to go..GO!


Review by B. Montgomery

Venue: Center for Spiritual Living Greater Las Vegas

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